Secure Applications from Vulnerabilities

Take measures throughout the software development life cycle to protect web applications from threats. Leverage strategies, tools, and best practices to safeguard against unauthorised access and data breaches.

What is Application Security?

If your application is accessed via the internet, it is vulnerable to attacks. Safeguard software and applications from threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks with the right tools in place to prevent security breaches.

Application security is the practice of protecting software applications from threats by implementing measures such as encryption, authentication, and access control to prevent unauthorised access and data breaches.

Why is Application Security Important?

Identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, protect against attacks, safeguard sensitive data, maintain regulatory compliance, and ensure the overall trustworthiness and reliability of software applications.

Why Suraksha’s Application Security

  • End to end services : Infrastructure, solutioning, software licenses, managed services (all bundled)
  • Complete Coverage – WAF, Bot Manager, API Protection & DDoS Mitigation
  • Faster Deployment – either on public or private cloud
  • Seamless connectivity with DC services from Uptime certified Tier-IV Data Center
  • Industry best SLAs – guaranteed 10 mins response time

Fortify Your Applications to Shield your Software

With Application Security service, get enterprise-grade, adaptive web application and API protection (WAAP) in an easy-to-use, hassle-free solution that secures your internet footprint from a host of threats and attacks. Shield your software from threats through encryption, authentication, and access control, ensuring protection against unauthorised access and data breaches.

Why the need to secure Apps?

  • Lack of tools

    Lack of tools in place to prevent gaps from welcoming security breaches.

  • Obsolete security strategies

    Eliminate outdated security strategies to mitigate risks and fortify defenses against evolving threats in today's dynamic cybersecurity landscape.

  • Injection

    Unsafe data is sent as a command or query, which allows data access without authorization.

  • Broken authentication

    Hackers compromise keys, passwords, and more when functions related to session management or authentication break down.

  • Sensitive data exposure

    Financial information, health care records, and more are exposed due to encryption problems.

  • XML External Entity (XXE)

    Outdated XML processors inadequately protect data, necessitating modernization for robust security measures in data handling.

  • Broken access control

    Authentication problems let people see what they shouldn't.

  • Vulnerabilities

    Scripting issues, legacy components, or inadequate monitoring in applications expose them to potential security breaches and risks.

Popular Offerings

WAF Protection

Provides full coverage of OWASP Top-10 threats and automatically adapts protections to evolving threats and protected assets

Bot Protection

Protects web applications, mobile apps and APIs from automated threats like bots

API Protection

Ensure the security of apps, APIs, development platforms and infrastructure with a dedicated API protection solution

DDoS Protection

Defend against most advanced DDoS attacks using advanced behavioral-based detection for both network-layer (L3/L4) and application-layer (L7) attacks

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