Monitor File Integrity for Enhanced Security

Ensure data integrity, detect unauthorised changes, alert administrators to suspicious activity, and maintain compliance with security policies and regulations.

What is File Integrity and Monitoring (FIM)?

File Integrity Monitoring is a cybersecurity technique that monitors and detects unauthorized changes to files and systems. It ensures the integrity of critical files by continuously comparing current file states with predefined baseline values, alerting administrators to any alterations that may indicate security breaches.

Why is FIM Important?

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) is vital for cybersecurity as it helps prevent unauthorised modifications to critical files and systems. By continuously monitoring and alerting administrators to changes, FIM enhances security posture, detects potential threats early, and mitigates the risk of data breaches and system compromise.

Why Suraksha's FIM

Yotta's USP in delivering FIM services lies in its real-time vigilance, rapid detection of unauthorised changes, and automated alerts. Our solution ensures robust cybersecurity, compliance adherence, and proactive threat response, setting a new standard for safeguarding system integrity.

Real-Time Vigilance with Swift Detection and Automated Alerts

Yotta's FIM service redefines cybersecurity, ensuring unparalleled protection for system integrity. Proactively monitor files, comply with regulations, and respond swiftly to potential threats, setting new standards in data security.


Real-Time Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of files and configurations in real-time.

Automated Alerts

Immediate alerts for unauthorized changes, ensuring swift response to potential security incidents.

Baseline Establishment

Creation of a baseline for normal system states, facilitating anomaly detection.

Change History Tracking

Maintaining versioning and change history for in-depth analysis of file alterations.

Configuration Compliance

Ensuring file and system configurations align with security policies, regulations, and industry standards.


Tailoring monitoring policies to specific organizational needs for flexibility and relevance.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive interface for easy management, monitoring, and response to file integrity incidents.

Integration Capabilities

Seamless integration with existing security infrastructure for cohesive threat management.

Comprehensive Security

Holistic protection against unauthorized changes, enhancing overall cybersecurity and system integrity.

Use Cases

Security Compliance

Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations by monitoring file integrity and configuration adherence.

Data Protection

Safeguard sensitive data by detecting and responding to unauthorized changes to critical files

Malware Detection

Identify potential malware attacks by monitoring and alerting on suspicious changes to system files.

Insider Threat Mitigation

Detect and prevent insider threats by monitoring unauthorized modifications to files and configurations.

Continuous Compliance Auditing

Facilitate ongoing compliance auditing with centralized reporting and versioning of file changes

Preventing Configuration Drift

Avoid configuration drift by monitoring and ensuring consistency across systems, reducing vulnerabilities

Swift Incident Response

Respond rapidly to security incidents with automated alerts on any unauthorized changes, minimizing potential damage

Enhanced Endpoint Security

Strengthen overall endpoint security by proactively monitoring and responding to file integrity issues

Secure Remote Work

Extend file integrity monitoring to remote devices, ensuring security in distributed work environments

Critical System Protection

Protect critical systems by monitoring files integral to their functioning, preventing unauthorised modifications.

Change Management Oversight

Facilitate change management by monitoring and tracking authorized modifications to files and configurations

Enhanced Incident Investigation

Aid in incident investigation with detailed change history, supporting forensic analysis.

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