Enhance Cybersecurity by Monitoring and Responding to Endpoint Threats

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) functions as a cybersecurity measure, actely surveilling and addressing potential threats and suspicious actions on endpoints to prevent security breaches.

What is Endpoint Detection & Response?

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) is like an automated security shield for devices. It continuously monitors activity, identifies malware and other threats, and can launch countermeasures to contain or eliminate them, all in real-time.
Monitor and analyze endpoint activities to detect, investigate, and respond to security threats and breaches effectively.

Why is Endpoint Detection & Response Important?

EDR services are crucial for end customers to swiftly detect, respond, and mitigate advanced cyber threats. Offering real-time visibility into endpoint activities, EDR ensures proactive threat management, safeguarding critical systems, and data from evolving security risks.

Why Suraksha’s EDR services

Powered by Crowdstrike, Yotta's EDR services are advanced cybersecurity solutions that provide real-time visibility into endpoint activities.

Real-time visibility, automated threat response, and advanced analytics ensures comprehensive endpoint security in dynamic environments.


Real-time Threat Detection

Swiftly identifies and responds to advanced threats, minimizing potential damage

Continuous Endpoint Visibility

Provides ongoing monitoring to ensure real-time awareness of endpoint activities

Automated Response Actions

Streamlines threat remediation through automated response actions, reducing manual intervention

Behavioural Analytics

Utilizes advanced analytics to detect unusual patterns and behaviours indicative of potential security breaches

Threat Intelligence Integration

Integrates external threat intelligence feeds for up-to-date insights into emerging threats

Incident Response Tools

Equips security teams with comprehensive tools for effective incident response and investigation

User-Friendly Interface

Offers an intuitive interface for easy management, monitoring, and response to security incidents


Scales seamlessly to meet the evolving security needs of businesses, ensuring flexibility and adaptability

Zero-Day Threat Protection

Guards against zero-day threats by continuously analyzing endpoint behavior and identifying deviations from the norm

Cloud Endpoint Security

Extends protection to endpoints in cloud environments, ensuring comprehensive coverage

Threat Hunting Capabilities

Empowers proactive threat hunting through advanced tools to seek and neutralize potential threats

Compliance Assurance

Aids in maintaining regulatory compliance through detailed logs and reports for auditing purposes

Reduced Dwell Time

Minimises dwell time by swiftly identifying and responding to security incidents, reducing potential impact

Customer Support and Training

Offers dedicated customer support and training resources to enhance solution effectiveness and user empowerment

Use Cases

Threat Detection and Response

Swiftly identify and respond to cybersecurity threats, minimizing potential damage and protecting critical assets.

Incident Investigation

Equip security teams with tools for comprehensive incident investigation, aiding in understanding and mitigating security incidents

User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA)

Monitor and analyse user behaviour for early detection of anomalies, helping prevent insider threats and unauthorized activities.

Zero-Day Threat Protection

Safeguard against unknown and emerging threats, providing proactive defense mechanisms for rapid threat containment.

Cloud Endpoint Security

Extend robust endpoint security to cloud environments, ensuring comprehensive protection in dynamic and hybrid infrastructures

Compliance Management

Assist businesses in maintaining regulatory compliance by providing detailed logs and reports for auditing purposes

Threat Hunting

Empower security teams with advanced tools for proactive threat hunting, enabling the identification and neutralization of potential threats

Managed Security Services

Support organizations with managed security services, enhancing their overall cybersecurity posture through continuous monitoring and response.

Incident Response Planning

Aid in the development and execution of effective incident response plans, ensuring businesses are well-prepared for potential security incidents.

Insider Threat Prevention

Monitor user activities to detect and prevent insider threats, mitigating risks associated with internal actors.

Secure DevOps Practices

Integrate EDR into DevOps processes, ensuring secure development practices and protecting applications throughout the development lifecycle.

Remote Work Security

Enhance security for remote work scenarios by providing real-time visibility into endpoint activities, securing access to critical resources.

Privileged User Management

Monitor and manage privileged user access, preventing misuse and ensuring accountability for critical system interactions

Continuous Compliance Monitoring

Continuously monitor and enforce compliance with security policies, regulatory requirements, and industry standards

Ransomware Protection

Implement proactive measures to detect and prevent ransomware attacks, minimizing the impact of potential incidents on business operations.

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