Always-on DDoS Mitigation

Secure your online presence with our always-on DDoS protection service. Shield your website from malicious attacks, ensuring your business stays online and accessible during traffic surges.

What is Managed DDoS Protection?

A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is a malicious attempt to overwhelm a target system or network with a flood of unwanted traffic, rendering it inaccessible to legitimate users.

With Managed DDoS, outsource the activities to actively monitor, detect, and mitigate DDoS attacks, ensuring continuous availability and protection of the targeted network or system.

Why is Managed DDoS Protection Important?

Managed DDoS is essential because it provides expertise, specialised tools, and round-the-clock monitoring to detect and mitigate DDoS attacks promptly, ensuring business continuity, minimising downtime, and mitigating the impact of attacks.

Why Suraksha’s Managed DDoS Protection

  • Ensures Business Continuity with real-time monitoring, automation & provisioning
  • Provides greater security with reduced cost by being the first line of mitigation
  • Deep analysis of potential attackers with access to research on evolving threats
  • 24×7 support with stringent guaranteed SLAs and comprehensive reporting

Protects Mission Critical Applications
In The Most Cost-Effective Way

Security Policy, Configuration & Tuning

Configuration of security policies, Periodical tuning, reporting Direct Access for configuration, policy management cases

24/7 Monitoring, Alerting & Mitigation with

Proactive network and security monitoring, attack alerting, and real-time attack mitigation Direct Access to Security Expert

Online Portal & Reporting

Provides network statistics and attacks’ situational awareness, Historical reports covering all mitigated attacks, Post attack forensic analysis and recommendations

Periodic Security Consulting

Periodic network security design and quarterly security configuration review and recommendations with Monthly security events reports

Combat Multi-Layer Attacks with Hybrid DDoS Protection

With Managed DDoS Protection, stay safe from global botnet threats intelligence, stay ahead with real-time security updates, take control with immediate forensics and attack reports, choose from multiple billing models with flexible pricing options, and get guaranteed stringent SLA.

MANAGED DDOS PROTECTION – Service Models Selection Criteria



  • NetFlow-based DDoS detection
  • Traffic diverted only for volumetric attacks after detection and customer confirmation
  • Several minutes to detect and start diversion
  • Best suited for latency-sensitive applications and organisations that are infrequently attacked

Always On


  • Traffic always routed through Scrubbing Center
  • Real-time detection & mitigation
  • Suited for applications hosted on the cloud, and for organisations that need to ward of threats in real-time




Use Cases

Third party NetFlow-based attack detection

Integrating with existing third party NetFlow-based attack detection solutions, attack life cycle management and DDoS attack mitigation solution.

Integrated NetFlow-based attack detection

Improves on use case 1 by offering Yotta DDoS patent-protected behavioral NetFlow based attack detection engine that acts as a one-stop shop attack detection and mitigation solution.

OpenFlow-based attack detection (SDN)

DDoS attack defence, detection and mitigation solution for SDN-enabled networks including OpenFlow based attack detection, attack life-cycle management and attack mitigation.

Attack Life Cycle Control with Yotta WAAP as Attack Detector

Datacenter applications are protected by advanced inline / SmarTap detection with signaling to activate higher tier mitigation when necessary.

Attack Life Cycle Control with Yotta DDoS or NetFlow Detection

Granular per-tenant DDoS attack defense and detection, protecting hosting provider customers against lower volume DDoS attacks that would normally go undetected.

Behavioral Analysis and Anomaly Detection

Managed DDoS protection services can utilize advanced behavioral analysis techniques to detect anomalous patterns in network traffic. By analyzing traffic behavior over time, the service can establish a baseline of normal activity and identify deviations that may indicate a DDoS attack.

Secure Operations with Guaranteed Uptime of 99.99% through Always-On, Unmetered DDoS Protection

Yotta Managed DDoS Protection

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