Evaluate Data Centers with Confidence 2

26 Dec 2022

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Data volumes are surging at unprecedented pace. The resultant need for data center infrastructure is driving enterprises to revamp their existing data center capacities to scale for present and future needs. In line with this direction, setting up new data centers across strategic locations becomes paramount to meet their business needs. Furthermore, owing to accelerated cloud adoption about enterprises, global hyperscalers are bullish on expanding their availability zones pan-India. However, in an evolving data center market like India, with a plethora of market dynamics at play, data center development often involves complex processes.

Data center operators, with their end-to-end expertise in land acquisition, design and construction, data center operations, connectivity and compliance, stand in a unique position to help enterprises and hyperscalers significantly bring down time-to-market, capital and operational costs, while providing a host of value-added benefits in their quest for business growth.

This exclusive industry report gives a deep-dive into the various models of data center delivery and an in-depth comparative analysis of various parameters that help enterprises and hyperscalers find the best route for their business expansion.

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